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Case Study: Unveiling Luxury Interiors With TXTURED – A Digital Transformation By MX Web Design

Client Profile:

  • Client Name: TXTURED
  • Industry: Luxury Interiors and Interior Design
  • Background: TXTURED is a venture born from an unwavering passion for luxury interiors. Simon, the founder, has been captivated by the world of interior design since his earliest memories. His fascination with intricate details, fine fabrics, and the ambiance of spaces led him to explore interior design education and curate an Instagram home account focused on indulgent interior products and fragrances. In 2023, TXTURED emerged as a manifestation of Simon’s deep love for creating opulent and stylish interior spaces.

Challenge: The challenge brought to MX Web Design by TXTURED was to translate Simon’s profound passion for luxury interiors into an elegant and immersive online platform. The client desired a website that not only showcased his interior design projects but also conveyed the essence of luxury, elegance, and the meticulous attention to detail that sets TXTURED apart.

Solution: Our team embarked on a journey to develop a website that would effectively capture the world of luxury interiors while showcasing Simon’s expertise and dedication to creating opulent and stylish living spaces.

Key Features and Strategies Implemented:

  1. Luxurious Visuals: The website’s design was characterized by lavish visuals that highlighted the beauty of Simon’s interior design projects. High-resolution images showcased intricate details, fabrics, textures, and the overall ambiance of luxurious spaces.
  2. Founder’s Journey: A dedicated section narrated Simon’s journey from his earliest fascination with interiors to his education and Instagram ventures, culminating in the birth of TXTURED. This storytelling approach established a personal connection with visitors.
  3. Interior Design Portfolio: A carefully curated portfolio showcased TXTURED’s interior design projects. Each project was presented with descriptive narratives, showcasing the transformation and opulence infused into the spaces.
  4. Client Testimonials: The website featured testimonials from clients who experienced Simon’s design expertise firsthand, underscoring the quality and impact of his work.
  5. Project Showcase: A gallery of completed projects allowed visitors to explore Simon’s work visually and gain insights into his design style and attention to detail.
  6. Contact and Inquiry: Clear contact information and inquiry forms were strategically placed to facilitate easy communication between potential clients and TXTURED.

Outcome: The final website successfully encapsulated the essence of TXTURED’s commitment to luxury interiors and showcased Simon’s passion and expertise in a visually captivating manner.


  • Immersive Experience: The luxurious visuals and storytelling approach created an immersive experience that allowed visitors to connect with TXTURED’s journey and vision.
  • Enhanced Brand Identity: The website design and content established TXTURED as a brand synonymous with opulent and stylish interior design, setting them apart in the luxury interiors industry.
  • Effective Communication: The well-placed contact forms streamlined communication, making it simple for potential clients to inquire and engage with TXTURED.

Conclusion: The TXTURED website project demonstrated MX Web Design’s ability to create a digital experience that mirrors the opulence, passion, and luxury that defines the brand. By harmoniously integrating lavish visuals, personal storytelling, and user-friendly features, we successfully translated Simon’s devotion to luxury interiors into an inviting online presence. The website now serves as a virtual gallery, allowing visitors to explore the world of TXTURED’s exquisitely designed spaces and experience the mark of opulence they leave behind.