Website Developer

Key Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain custom WordPress websites for in-house projects
Collaborate with the design team to translate design mockups (Figma, Adobe XD) into working websites
Troubleshoot and debug website issues
Integrate websites with third-party APIs and services
Deploy to website hosting platforms such as Cloudways, AWS or Cloudflare Pages


At least 3 years of experience in WordPress development
Good understanding of WordPress development best practices
Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
Knowledge of Webpack and bundlers in general
Knowledge of database management, including MySQL
Ability to implement and maintain website features, such as custom post types, taxonomies, plugins, and custom endpoints (REST api)
Ability to troubleshoot and debug website issues
Excellent communication skills
Excellent problem-solving skills
Ability to provide ongoing website maintenance
Familiarity with website hosting (AWS, Lightsail, Cloudways), DNS, and server-side configuration

Desirable abilities:

Be a passionate problem solver
Ability to make changes to existing websites on the fly
Be ready and willing to occasionally create small websites without a design and only a short brief.
Ability to occasionally work with little information and the ability to take ownership of projects, ask questions to clarify requirements, and proactively identify areas for improvement
Ability to work independently with little direction
Ability to write clean and efficient code but also the ability to recognize projects and situations where writing code that “just works” is more important.
Good taste in web design
Ability to use Adobe Photoshop for basic tasks where necessary
Knowledge of or keen interest in digital marketing and adtech.
Knowledge of Git
Technical know-how


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